Waste management and recycling

We weigh your waste – with us, you won’t pay for nothing. Our pricing is based on our customers’ actual waste volumes. We provide waste management services in Harjavalta, Eura, Nakkila, Ulvila, Kokemäki, Pori and the surrounding areas.

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Household pricing based on the weight of waste

As our customer, you only pay for the waste you produce. We weigh the waste in the container each time it is emptied. In addition, we charge an emptying fee, which varies according to the size of the container.

Those who have a waste management contract with us can rent or buy a container. Our range includes 240, 360 and 660 litre containers for basic waste management needs.

Changes in waste legislation will affect the amount of mixed waste.

Households must have a mixed waste bin that is emptied at least every four weeks. Our customers pay separately for the weight of the waste, which is always weighed on the truck’s scale at the time of pick-up.

An extended emptying interval for mixed waste is possible when biowaste is sorted out of the mixed waste, either in a composter or in a separate bin for biowaste. The extended interval must be applied for separately from the local waste authority.