Demountable containers

Demountable containers offer a convenient solution for handling larger amounts of waste, whether it’s for emptying warehouses, yard work or construction and demolition.


Demountable container facilitates the recycling of large amounts of waste.

We will give you clear instructions on how to fill the container when you place your order. Waste must be sorted separately, i.e. only one type of waste is allowed per container. Please note that we do not handle hazardous waste.

Price of a demountable container

The price of a demountable container depends on the transport distance and the quality and quantity of the waste transported. Wood is free of charge as a fraction. For other materials, we charge a fee according to our price list. We do not charge a separate rental fee for the demountable container if you use it for 1–2 weeks.

What you can put in demountable containers?

Demountable containers are suitable for the following materials:

Trees, branches and stumps suitable for chipping

Wood waste from construction works

Miscellaneous demolition material, e.g. tiles; slabs; plastic mats, pipes and hoses; glass wool; building boards; polystyrene

Cleaning waste from construction works, packaging materials and protective plastics

Fire and water damage waste

Furniture and textiles

Metal scrap suitable for recycling

Other non-recyclable waste, but not hazardous waste

Demountable containers are not suitable for the following materials

Tyres for cars and other motor vehicles

Household appliances and electrical equipment

Impregnated wood

Waste containing asbestos

Hazardous waste (oils, paints, LED lamps, medicines, batteries, accumulators)

If the above mentioned waste is in the container, we charge a separate sorting and transport fee of €90 per hour.